Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Southwest Airlines: A Social Media Case Study

Southwest Airlines, in many people's opinions, is perhaps the best airline available to date. They offer the opportunity to choose your own seat, they do not charge for menial snacks and drinks, and overall have great customer service. Now, with the inclusion of social media, the airline just gets better.

Currently, they have a blog, labeled "Nuts about Southwest." It details things such as reports on a plane's newest flight, a rapping flight attendant, a video blog and, of course, your typical blog entries about, what else, flying Southwest.

Southwest also has a company profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and, the mother of all social media networks, Twitter. What's the biggest benefit to Southwest of being a part of the social media networks? The connection to customers, of course.

According to a post on the Buzz Bin, Nuts about Southwest's Brian Lusk answered this question, saying that the company changed strategic direction on assigned seating and advanced scheduling because of customer feedback through the mediums.

Hubspot.com managed to sit down with Paula Berg, Manager of Emerging Media for Southwest, at a marketing summit in Dallas, to see what Southwest is doing.

Next, I'm interested to see what Southwest does to tie these all together. Perhaps a new commercial with our rapping flight attendant? Or a competition to win a flight through Twitter?


  1. Wow, I had no idea Southwest Airlines was this connected in the social media world. They are seriously pushing the limits on this stuff. I can't wait to see how they take it to the next level.

  2. The Sr VP of Culture and Communications along with the Director of Marketing from Southwest will be speaking at the August 19th DFW AMA Luncheon. I'll bet social media will be part of the conversation. Tom Dennis