Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mike's Hard Lemonade Marketing to Wrong Audience

Mike's Hard Lemonade has recently come out with a series of commercials marketing their adult beverage, however, they may be targeting the wrong demographic. Many of their commercials feature men ages 25 to 30 who, judging from the commercials, are manly bachelors trying to decipher how to advertise the drink (my personal favorite is when they bring in a sommelier to evaluate the flavors).

The one thing they failed to look at was what they were selling. Mike's Lemonade primarily sells to women because of the fruity nature of the drink. If they had targeted these commercials towards women aged 25 to 30, I believe they'd have a better chance of increasing sales and consumption.

I understand that perhaps they realize they are missing a large portion of the male population and would like to decrease that gap, but, maybe it's a better idea to focus on the audience who is intersted in your product instead of one that may be almost impossible to entice.


  1. I think you're right... they could of done the same commercials with more conventionally attractive guys

  2. I have to disagree with you on this one. Mikes hard lemonade is a "must have" during football games on tv and just men hanging out at my college. they love the stuff.
    In fact, I found out about mikes through my (at that time) 21 year old brother who loves the stuff. True, I like it too, but I think men drink it more.

    Great post.

    Found you on 20sb we love comments.

  3. Good point. There isn't anything hard about Mikes Hard Lemonade unless by hard you mean something that tastes good and gets you drunk. Alcohol isn't really supposed to be like that.

  4. Seeing as 3 quarters of the people who drink it are teenage girls, they are advertising to the right people: old fat dudes who want to bone teenage girls