Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What consumers want - the change of the face of consumer expectations

Social media has changed a lot about what companies are doing and what consumers now expect in terms of customer service. If a company angers someone, you better believe they’ll blog about it or share that information with a whole bunch of others through any social mediums, including Ratemycompany.com, Jobvent.com, and even Facebook.

Every consumer now has a voice, and doesn’t need to be a multimillionaire to share it with the rest of us. Consumer’s expectations:

  1. Hands on abilities and control of what they get (services, items, etc.)

  2. A person behind the brand or company

  3. A recommendation from people

  4. Option to speak with someone directly and, most importantly, quickly

  5. Easy search capabilities

  6. A good value

This is what social media is all about, creating brand advocates, and companies are scrambling to make it possible. Take a look at an article that AdAge did on EBay and how its reformatting to fit its consumers needs.

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