Monday, June 29, 2009

Celebrity death conspiracy?

This past week we lost four well-known and respected celebrities, Farrah Faucett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and Ed McMahon. To add to the mayhem this created for everyone, rumors were spread that numerous other celebrities were dying as well.

Apparently Britney Spears, Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman and Jeff Goldblum all died the same day as Michael Jackson, thanks to a false web site,, and the hacking of Twitter. News of these celebrities "deaths" spread quickly, leaving one Twitterer asking the question, "why is everyone dying?"

Although I am a huge advocate of anything to do with social media, this was not the way it was meant to be used, nor was this respectful to those who did die this past week. But, it does show advertisers and marketers just how gullible and easy it is to capture audiences using social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs. I believe advertisers will use this information and we'll see many more "fake"stories pop up, but this time, hopefully not about deaths.

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