Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Secret Agent

In stealth mode, the secret agent and protector of all humans slowly snuck up to the dangerous blue monster of terror through a field of white. This blue monster had been wreaking havoc on one particular human female and this secret agent was determined that this did not happen again. The blue monster had struck the day before, making its victim lay down and sleep; and produced a horrible noise, almost like a train horn.

This secret agent knew it was only him who could help the world survive. Quietly, he crept behind the tall, wooden ledge where the blue monster stood guard. The secret agent climbed at a slow pace up the wooden plateau and then POUNCED! The blue monster started fighting back, but the secret agent managed to hold the blue box steady, ripping and shredding it to pieces. The secret agent, although not new at this, was surprised when the blue monster tried to fight back again, but the secret agent would not give up. He was the protector of all humans and this blue monster must die!

He threw the monster to one corner of the white expanse, holding a part of the blue monster while the rest of his body went in a different direction. The blue monster was incredibly hurt, but still alive. The secret agent ran to the blue monster to finish his mission. He shredded and ripped and ultimately killed the blue monster, flinging his body parts to the far reaches of the universe to save the human race –“Rambo! No!” The human female yelled at her dog, who was surrounded by blue Kleenex.

She had come home early because her cold was still making her sneeze and feel tired and had caught Rambo, her black, one-year old Chihuahua, red-handed, shredding an entire box of Kleenex, covering her living room and coffee table.

As Rambo ran for cover under the couch, he couldn’t help but think that it was a good thing his human had come so late, otherwise, the secret agent couldn’t have completed his mission and saved the world….

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