Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Every boy has his day

P&G has embarked on a new viral ad campaign and it's straight out of the Twilight Zone. Meet Zach Johnson, a 16 year old boy who one day wakes up and his "guy parts" have been replaced with "girl parts." The ensuing story is hilarious for all women who have ever had a monthly visitor. What it does for Tampax remains to be seen as it is not heavily branded.

The campaign, which boasts a Twitter account (@ZachJohnson16) and of course, a Web site chronicles Zach's days as a woman, from his first day and visit to the school nurse, to when he has his first period (videos can also be found on YouTube).

It's an interesting campaign and idea, however, I'm not sure this may be the greatest way to appeal to women and sell Tampons. What do you think?

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