Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Comebacks

Turn on the radio this summer and you’ll hear New Kids on the Block and Cyndi Lauper with new songs (and new CDs!). That’s right, musical artists from the 80’s are making a comeback, but will they succeed as they did before? What happened to ending on a high note (pun intended)?

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s 2009 now, right? That means these bands haven’t been performing since the late 80’s: Cyndi Lauper had her first hit in 1983 and New Kids on the Block hit their big time in 1988.Who decided that reuniting bands from that era and having them perform now with new material will be just as wildly successful as before? That’s like deciding that the boom box is going to make a return and be just as popular. Our culture has changed tremendously since the 1980’s, and I wonder if these stars can make music for today’s predominant audience.

Is the American entertainment industry interested in a pop idol who is 55 (Cyndi Lauper)? Or a boy band who’s average age is 39 (Donny Wahlberg is 39, Danny Wood is 40, Joey McIntyre is 36, Jordan Knight is 39 and Jonathan Knight is 40)? According to Wikipedia, New Kids on the Block performed on The Today Show on May 16, 2008, and the performance attracted one of the biggest crowds, some 4,000 people, in the show's concert series history. Cyndi Lauper’s release of her new song, “Same ol’ Story” was the number one downloaded song on the day of its release. Maybe I’m wrong and their success will top what they had previously, however, looking at statistics from preceding bands who have tried to return, it may be short lived. Numerous other bands have tried to make a comeback, but after their first released single, they weren’t successful either. Are Cyndi and the New Kids on the Block’s recent popularity a passing fancy?

The Backstreet Boys reunited in 2004, and their first CD out after their four year hiatus had only one song that made it to the charts in the US, “Incomplete.” Their newest CD, sans Kevin Richardson, Unbreakable, dropped out of the charts two weeks after its release.Does this mean New Kids on the Block and Cyndi Lauper are in style just this month? Probably. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if these bands can really make a comeback.

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