Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Wanna get frosty?" - The Frosty Posse

I pay attention to commercials all the time; it's the hazards of starting a career at an advertising agency. I love watching commercials, ask my friends. I frequently make them watch my favorite, or not so favorite, commercials and give thorough explanations why they are good, or not. Fortunately one of my friends is in advertising, so it doesn't bug her, and my other friend, well, she's just awesome and doesn't care either way. DVR and TiVo? Not a chance in my house. I'd be recording commercials instead of the shows.

One commercial that needs recognition is Wendy's Frosty Posse. Bringing back 90s-era boy bands built from cubicles and what looks like tech geeks? What could be better?! Add awesome white outfits and stupendous dance moves and not only do you have an eye catching commercial, you have people (namely the target audience in this case) singing the frosty song with friends while out on the town. Wendys has even created a Web site for their new boy band. It includes the making of the video, behind the scenes extras and even bios on each of the band members. And, of course, there is a page dedicated to the new musical group on Facebook and a fan base (Ahh social media - I love you so).

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