Monday, June 22, 2009

Reasons to use social media - and not just for hotels...

A list of 10 reasons to use social media for hotels was posted today on Not only was it informative for hotels, I decided that Ms. Susan Deluzain Barry's list could actually be used for everyone else who may, or may not be, interested in social media for their business or otherwise (Matt Jones, please take note...again).

  1. To replace the boring old newsletter

  2. To compound the power of people
  3. To record history painlessly

  4. To supplement (or replace) printed brochures

  5. To establish your hotel (or anything else!) as an expert

  6. To get customer feedback before you mess up

  7. To find out what your clients care about

  8. To set yourself apart

  9. To crack yourself, and your fans, up

  10. To humanize your business

Well said Ms. Barry. As you can see, this can apply to anyone in any business, or even for personal reasons.

For more from Ms. Barry, visit her at her company, Hive Marketing.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Out of curiosity, where did you read my article?

  2. "To get customer feedback you mess up" haha great.

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